Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blob Horizons

Hi, Chot.......Thanks for the birthday greeting. I have re-read it several times. Today is the day I learn to comment on everyone's blog. I can't wait to comment on Miss Cindy Loo Hoo's blog, because she has been kind enough to hit mine twice. Does Brian have a blog? Or does he just hide safely in the woods and comment on everyone else's blog? We'll get him going!

Somehow, I must differentiate my style from everyone else's blog. That's hard to do, considering all the incredible talent I see out there. So far, BLOBBIN' is my only significant distinguishing feature. Oh, well. It's all I got.

Here is a list of my favorite things.
Favorite movie: The Blob. Original version.
Favorite T.V. show: Welcome Back Kotter with Vinnie Blobberino.
Favorite game show host: Blob Blarker.
Fave cartoon: Spongeblob Squarepants.
Fave political tacticians: The blobbyists.
Favorite song, from the fabulous Al Jolson: When the Red Red Robin Comes Blob Blob Blobbin' Along.
Second fave song, in honor of Jot, Bri and Marcnie (how long are you?) Blobbin' Robin.
Third fave song, by the superbulous Kris Kristofferson: Me and Blobby McGee.
Fave food: Maine blobster.
Most feared surgery: The blobotomy.
Honorable mentions: Blobbing for apples, discomblobulation, Blobbies on blicycles, two by two.

The following newsflash is printed by permission: Yer ma just baked me a birthday cake and it didn't even go lopsided. I repeat, PRINTED BY PERMISSION. Yumski.

Newsflash: Munchie is in town. She is meeting Gus at Ikea (start the car). She will be along in due time, at some point, in due course, eventually, sometime or other, sooner or later, when all is said and done.

Everyone will be here this evening to celebrate my birthday. No kids. None. BORING! The entire world celebrates my birthday. Except for 1.3 billion Chinese. I'll get to them. They will celebrate also. Eventually. Sometime or other. Sooner or later. When all is said and done. I go now.


Brian said...

It appears you are on some kind of a blob kick. Thanks for having a birthday, last night was fun.

Blobless Brian

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

Happy B-day Gramps , wish we could have been there for all the fun!

Redhoodoos said...

Gramps - last night was soooo much fun. Thanks for having a birthday so we could find another reason to get together and celebrate!

kitchenditcher said...

OH!! Reading this post gave me the warm fuzzies today! It reminded me SO much of my father who I no longer have with me. Can I adopt you? Whenever I need a "DAD" fix , I'll blob on over and check out your blog!

You are an Awesome Possum!!

Cabin Fever said...

We have the best time together.
My favorite place to be is the folks cozy, fun home. I love your "Blob" and can't wait for ouur trip back. Eli's favorite thing is the greenie and he has crashed it, smashed it, lost it
and stepped on it, and it is still
going strong. Thats one tough greenie! Ga'Munch

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

So I realize now where i have gotten my cake baking expertise. I officially refuse to bake cakes. (I make Mike do it)!