Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Flagmeister sez.....It's time for my daily blob. Yeah, like I'll be doin' this every day. I had a chillin' thought. What if Darren could actually receive a TOY on his mission..... Yumpin' yiminy. I ran for the car. I drave. I ran into the unnamable (for security reasons) store. "Weren't you in here yesterday? And the day before," the guy asked. I knew he was out of the green ones, but I told him maybe I could make the blue one a "special one" for the unfortunate guy who randomly got it. He said he had two or three more -----------s on a different shelf. I ran. I sifted and sorted through all those many boxes. (Three.) Greenie greenie greenie! Yayeeayeeay. Yippy-i-o-ki-yay!

I have all but completely solved my problem of compulsive behaviors, but this would have tested me. I almost would have abandoned the project if I had been forced into one blue one. "Here, you can have yer 12 ----------s back."

I am still hopping that Darren can have his this year, but if he has to wait fourteen months, then..... TOUGH IT OUT, DARREN. My old fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Carter, always spelled hoping "hopping" on the blackboard. I reserve the right to say hopping because I LEARNED IT IN SCHOOL. Live with it.

Elfyerself was a great video. Ah lahked it. I hop Ken gets to see it. Barb says Ken was "cutest" or something like that. What??? All four of my kids are equally cute and cuter than anybody else's kids. Get it straight, world.

Wow. Blobbing seems to create an attitude. I hop you are all doing well..........Roger Flag-rabbit


Redhoodoos said...

My daddy thinks I'm cute!! Neener neener neener!

Redhoodoos said...

I hop you blob again soon, grampy. Love, Connor

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

OK so I have tried several times to comment and something always goes wrong. I am so seriously curious about this "green" thing that you have found that is so Fantabulous that you have to keep it secret for so so so so many days. It is hard to keep a secret , so just letting you know I am here if you really can't stand it any longer and just have to tell someone. In any case, I suppose we can wait.....