Monday, December 15, 2008


Omigosh. Just when I thought my compulsive disorder was being fenced in the sky fell in. It imploded. Yer Ma had a nice gift purchased for Shelly, but she did the unthinkable. She said, "If Ben and Skyler get a greenie, then what would you think of Shelly getting one also, considering that she and Ben do everything together?" O-Mi-Gosh. My frenzied brain began counting numbers.

If Shelly gets one then Amanda gets one. (This lets you out as a confidant, Mandy.) (Thanks for the response to my blob.) If she gets one then L-loo and K-2 each get one. Lets's see, here. Would this leave Mommybarb the only one in the Hevelone clan without one? UNCONSCIONABLE! I mentioned to Babs earlier that I might tell her what these mysterious objects are, but then she would have to kill me..... Wait. I may not have that right.

My fevered brain teleported itself to the Watson residence. What if.....WHAT IF the 3 Watson girls awoke on Christmas day without a single greenie. Not one green gummy worm.....INDEFENSIBLE! Think about it. Sixteen gummy worms for the MANY and no gummy worms for the FEW! Aargh.

Well, it will all be over soon. But for now the FBI, the CIA, Muh and myself will stoically carry on in silence. Incidentally, I determined that I would travel all the way to Dagget County if necessary to find green ones. It wasn't that bad. I found all seven I needed in Rich County and in North Summit County. Whew! Glad that's over. Seven? Oh oh. I need eight. Frenzyfrenzyfrenzy. I go now. I think I can find one in Lawrence, Kansas. If I drive all night. I should be okay. I go now.


Redhoodoos said...

Grampy - this is fun. Does this mean I get a greenie too? For real? I haven't been excited for Christmas since I lived at home - now the inner grinch in me is starting to flee. I am, dare I say, excited for a greenie!

I go now.

"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

Oh how i must know what the "greenie" is. I am not a suspenseful person, suprises send me into a frenzy, I just cant handle it. Oh my gosh what will I do. Dare i say that there is only 10 days left and apparently I cannot wait.

I have not wrapped one single gift, unfortunately wrapping is not my forte` shall we say so this is the most dreaded of the remaining 10 days.
Oh yeah and don't be offended if you xmas card is late, it just means that i could not bring myself to drag my dread logged body into the swarms of people that constantly fill the post office on any given day. :)

Love lots.

Twisty Widgets said...
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Twisty Widgets said...

I got something last night. It came via fedex and they just wrung the bell and left it there. I opened the door and there was a box just for me. It was from my gramps. I have a feeling that when I open it, it will be green! Way to be on top of your game... I have to wait til christmas?