Monday, December 8, 2008

Gingerbread & Obsessions

Hi, everybuddy! (Everybuddy sounds more fun than everybody.) We saw the gingerbread houses. this very minute I am off to the store to get peanut brittle. You should know that if I see something that good I'm gonna go screaming down the street to get some. There is nothing better than p'nut br'tle. And ya never think of it 'til ya see it lining the path to a g'bread house. Then, ya gotta have some. I go now. I'm neither impulsive nor compulsive and I can prove it. Read on.

Mandy's house is so cute with the Pepsi bottle wall-ornament. I hop we can see the house one of these days.

News flash!! Remember the rulers? And the brick wallpaper? You can finally forget these things because I have stumbled onto a new craze that will BURY those poorly-planned "bargains." We saw these really neat items in a certain store which will remain unnamed for 17 days for security reasons. I decided that the boys needed one each. We got them home. Then I got to thinking that MANY boys needed one of these, so I ran (as I am known for doing) to this mystery location and bought some more. I lugged them home. Then I decided that ALL the boys truly needed one of these objects. They had blue ones and green ones, and I raced maniacally to the unnamed location (for security reasons) hopping that the green ones were not sold out. Green is the superior color. I cannot say why for security reasons. You will know all things in seventeen days. Tough it out.

I secured one for all the MEN of the fandamily. We're so cool. I didn't get one for Qute Q because he is too little to understand. I became very restless. Q is getting so big so fast. He is so smart. Clear the streets, I'm off to the address known only to us. If there is no green one I will drive all over SL County or even to Utah county or even farther to find one. Oh Oh! Now you all have a clue. It is a chain store. (Yaay! I found the last greenie.) But which chain store? There are dozens. Hahahahahahaha!! TOUGH IT OUT! Hahahahaha!!! Love, d'Flagster.

As you can see, I am winning in my fight to cure myself of old compulsions. I'm so proud!

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Redhoodoos said...

Gramps - you forgot the "Happy Holidog" shirt obsession.

And HEY - I never saw the gingerbread email! Pfft.

Further, I can't wait to see the green thingies.