Wednesday, January 7, 2009

January Blob-blahs

My goodness! Can it be January 8 already? No. Just testin' ya. It's only da 7th. Wow, I'm really on a roll.

Question: Why did Chloris Leachman get invited to participate in "Dancing With the Stars"?
Answer: Because Phyllis Diller had another commitment. Question: Have Chloris and Phyllis ever been seen together at the same time?

Today is Christmas in Russia. Hop the Darren is havink a good day. My Russion is REALLY not very good.

Snow snow and more snow. Those poor Watsons are really getting it.

Ramblin' a bit: I hit Jodi's blog but couldn't bring up the comments. Hop that doesn't happen again. Also, The last blob I sent her for posting never got posted. Prob'ly my goofy mistake. Again. As usual. I gotta get busy and learn my own posting! Jot does so much for me. Barb says I won't have any problem learning posting and commenting. I think I'll get Brian to tutor me on the phone WHILE I get registered with Google. Maybe that will help.

Here's one that I heard in the 1940's..... What happened to the aviatrix who backed up too close to a spinning propeller? Disaster. Don't get it? E-mail me at for an explanation. Don't worry. You'll get it. Oh! You've already got it! Cool.

Well, anyway, have a great January. Many many thanks to everyone who has commented. I WILL learn to comment in return. I will. I go now.

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