Thursday, May 3, 2012

Will the real singer please stand.

This is my first blob since June, 2011. Many years ago, (well, "Many Years Ago" is a better start than "It was a Dark and Stormy night", but not much better) Brian was kinda taken with the brand new release of Whitney Houston's signature song "I Will Always Love You". It was a great piece of work. Just a quick bit of background: Young'uns are never impressed with Dad's old Oldsmobile, so it was no surprise that Brian had little tolerance for his Mom's and Dad's oldies music, either. Like a big-mouthed buffoon, I let it slip that this was an old Dolly Parton tune. Brian's face went white for a moment before it went to an enraged hue of red-purple. "That's Whitney's song! Dolly Parton is a shameless imitator." Being a witless moron, I said "Dolly wrote the song." Brian's shoulders kinda drooped, but for only a second. He had no answer. Fast forward many years to the present. At our fiftieth wedding anniversary Todd and Jodi and the kids assembled a wonderful big-screen montage of family photos, accompanied by some of our favorite oldies songs. Before the guests began to arrive we all watched and listened. I had sworn that my emotions were NOT going to play in, but this was a bit unexpected. Ma and I were really surprised by all the fabulous decor put up by our kids and spouses. Anyway, one of the songs was "I Will Always Love You"........... By Dolly Parton. It received good comments, like " Ooh, nice" and "This is great!" But I was was watching Brian. He didn't disappoint. He spoke in measured tones, saying "Dolly Parton Murdered Whitney Houston and stole her song."