Monday, January 12, 2009

Revisit beetdiggers

No one knows the truffles I've seen. Do tddruffles have ddridges? We got a gift box of em and I can't leave them alone. I'll bet soldiers on bivouac get tired of dragging that heavy truffle bag around.

Last week I ran a quiz about how true my blob was. The consensus was that I was merely embellishing. That is correct. I screamed at Connor twice, trying to say hi to him. He didn't hear me. But we had a good chat over cookies. He was truly difficult to spot because "they all look alike."

Not too much going on around here. Talked with Todd on the cell phone the other day. Told him I was on the freeway. Told him I would be late meeting him at the shop because I had to drop some cargo off at the house. The cargo really screamed at me. I guess yer ma doesn't like being called cargo.

Went to the store yesterday. got into a nice short checkout line. Good thing, because I was in a real hurry. Uh oh. The lady being checked out was contesting every item. I was incredulous as I stood there watching. Finally, in a huge demonstrative huff, I gathered up all my stuff up and marched over to the service desk. The clerk there was happy to check me out. I told her all about the female "Bill Slowski" in line 6.

My clerk said, "oh oh, I don't have a scale, and I cannot do your bananas." "just set 'em aside", I said. "I am in a real hurry." She set them aside, but then she whispered to me, "how about we just charge $2.00 for the bananas?" "Oh, great," sez I. I would not have wanted to face yer ma without those bananas. I am very concerned about yer ma's consumption of bananas. But, she does have a rotatable thumb, so I guess everything is okay.

As I turned to leave, I glanced over at line 6. "Look,"sez I, "that woman is still arguing about every item, and she still has a long way to go." "Yes," sez the clerk, "It's this new strained economy. We get at least 4 people like her in here every day."

I left the store with an achy breaky heart for that poor lady. Hope everything turns out well for her. There is always a higher road for me to take. Attitudes are always changeable and improvable. There is always room for compassion for people who struggle. For example, I try to never say anything bad about yer ma. Well, technically, I did call her "cargo". And a monkey. But that proves my point. There IS always room for improvement in my attitude. Paraphrasing Yoda, go now I.


Cabin Fever said...

Pa, you are cracking me up! I dont
laugh out-loud at to much but your blog gets me every time. As long as ma keeps eating her nanners she
is healthier than us all.

Brian said...

Great entry. I appreciate the reminder that discretion is the better part of valor. I get frustrated some times but need to remember that I don't understand others situations and should have more patience.

Say hi to opposable thumbs mom for me.


Anonymous said...

Gramps I've been so busy I didn't read this until now. LOVE IT!! You are a good gramps. Off to work go I now.