Friday, January 30, 2009

Blobbin' to the Oldies

HI!.....Sorry Richard Simmons. But Barbara sent a video of two newlyweds puttin' on a show. Am I getting wierd or what? This is the first time in my life I would rather watch the boy dance than the girl! AND THEY DID THE CHICKEN DANCE! Why oh why did they cut away from the chicken dance after just a few seconds? Eli can teach them both a few moves. I'm flapping my arms and singing do do do do do do do. Do do do do do do do. Hey! you just try typing while doing the Majestic Chicken Dance. If the Chicken Dance had shown up 225 years earlier, George Washington would never have bothered with the Minuet! Martha Washington would have died early. From laughter.

Jodi taught me how to comment and I guess I'm doing ok. But I still can't post my own blob. So kudos and accolades to Iggggggieeeee. I hop I don't stress her out too much with my endless needs. She would never complain even if I did. Why izzit that Brian has become almost as famous as Yiyi when the subject of The Dance comes up?

Here's an important philosophical question. Or maybe it is merely a functional question. But it is a question that must, after all these years, be answered and put to rest. Here goes: Does a man shave each morning or does he reshave? I'm being serious here. This is a very pertinent question. Let's say I'm playing Scrabble and I find myself with the opportunity to play the word "reshave". Can I play it? Or will it spit that despicable "foul" message at me? I know what YOU would do. You would play "shaver", forget about it and move on. Fine, okay? FINE. But that would only play six letters, leaving me without my fifty point "BINGO" bonus.

One school of thought says that he is reshaving. Period. It's a repetitive process. Case closed. Another school of thinkin' says that he gets a whole new crop of facefuzz every day. So it's a whole new process every day except on Saturday. So it's shaving. Case closed. Yer Ma, who still sometimes calls her Facebook "Faceplate" will now prob'ly start calling it Facefuzz, but that's her problem. Billy Mays has his own cowardly answer. He doesn't shave at all. I myself generally do the 30-second "halfshave". Not intentionally. Just sloppily. A Norelco shaving (oops, I mean reshaving) head is supposed to be changed every 6 to 12 months. Mine is 26 months old and counting. I wonder which store sells the darn things. If it gets much older I will start being guilty (through no fault of my own) of the "quartershave."

Thanks, El Muncho-g-buncho. Good dance................d'Pa

P.S. Why do they call it "bingo" when with no additional effort, they coulda called it "HOME RUN"? Dummies.

PPS: My vote goes to REshaving. It suuure seems REdundant to me.


Cabin Fever said...

We love the chicken dance ! And we
hope you keep re-shaving.

flagboy said...

What about cleaning and recleaning. Deep thoughts.

flagboy said...

Oops. That was redhoodoos.