Monday, January 19, 2009


I have a very real sorrow for tragedy and misfortune. Today I saw a Hostess 18-wheeler on the side of the road with a wheel missing - probably a tire somewhere getting repaired. Do you realize what this means? Thousands of little children will be crying themselves to sleep tonight because of no Twinkie.

Barb, Jodi and Amanda all have terrific blogs for me to read. Even if I can't comment very well, and even if Jodi's blog has metamorphosed into a health blog, I hop to keep up really well. In fact, I am going to read everyone's blog and do my commenting on this blob. I hop it works. I hop everyone will hit my blob to get my comments on YOUR blog. I hop that doesn't sound too self-serving. I hop..........I hop......Suddenly, I have a great craving for pancakes, even though it's 7:30pm. There is an IHOP less than two blocks away. I go now.


Redhoodoos said...


I saw a coke truck today as I was waiting for Connor at his elf practice, I mean swim practice. I wept true tears. This has been ultra hard on the higgie. I shoulda never started drinking the stuff.

Anyhoo - I don't think I told you that last Thursday, Connor took first place in his race!! I'll have to tell you all about it.

I need to come over sometime and teach you how to comment. I haven't been a very good daughter lately. How about we come over on Sunday!! I"m feeling homesick for ma and pa.

Brian said...

It has always been my dream to come across a broken down Hostess truck or Kit Kat truck in a remote part of Utah. I keep rope in my car (to tie up the driver) just in hopes.

Cabin Fever said...

Twikies rock ! Tell ma, I made a lemon cake and it went lopsided.
It's genetic.