Friday, February 13, 2015

Warmin' Up

Okay.... I know that some pharmaceutical companies are killing (or sharing half the blame) in the deaths of many people. They have such a strong hold - also known as a strong lobby - with the U.S. congress and the Food and Drug Administration that they are ignoring the simple facts. When confronted with irrefutable evidence, they can comfortably say "prove it". And they can smirk. Why? Because the one person who might provide damning evidence is now...... DEAD. Yep.
I discovered this tragic situation a few weeks ago all on my own. I made a  presentation to my most trusted health care provider; a woman who literally saved my life 2 years ago in an unrelated issue. She agreed that my complaint is valid. I told her that I did not expect her to demand changes. The issue is too huge for that. I showed 2 of my pharmacist friends this horror. I assured them that I expected no action. They both saw my point and agreed with it.
Now, am I the only one who knows of this? Of course not. But I am the only person I know who is doing anything about it. I am sure my words will fall on many deaf ears. All I need is for s-o-m-e-o-n-e to take up the cause.
This has been going on for years. Here is a tidbit of good news. At least one newer competing company has a product that could slowly turn the tide. However, this may take time. While people continue dying. I am solidifying my plans to bring attention to the problem. I have no interest in personal gain.
Yes, I will get to the point (fully) soon.