Thursday, February 19, 2015


This is about the fifth blob in this series. You will not understand this post without reading the others.Though I thought of many people I might complain to, and tried to reach them,  none of them proved to be of any help to me.
Then, as I was perusing my problem, I noticed a phone number right on my flex pen. I was surprised, but, naturally, I made that call. After waiting through the unavoidable computer-based questions, I found myself speaking with an actual person. I identified myself and began voicing my questions / complaints. This lady patiently heard me.
I knew she could never say anything self - damaging to her company. In other words, she could not agree with anything I said. To make a long conversation short, she told me over and over that all Novolog users must follow their directions to the letter. I agreed. But I told her that many people in declining health might lose the ability to follow the simplest directions. I said "what a shame that death awaits anyone who makes this error."
Though she remained patient with me, we never reached agreement on anything. We discussed a product called Levemir,  manufactured by her company, Novo Nordisk, which does NOT have this death trap, having  a window with no other way of reading the pen incorrectly. She stopped way short of saying that this new technology could replace the old; also refusing to admit that anything could be wrong with the old product.
She told me this entire conversation would be forwarded to the complaint department. I thanked and asked that they would call me. She seemed doubtful that that would happen. It has only been 2 or 3 days, but it could happen. But probably won't.


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