Monday, February 2, 2015

Small vs Large

Picture Cyrano de Bergerac against a huge windmill. Better yet, imagine little Tom Thumb vs Babe the Blue Ox, who dug the Grand Canyon. My complaint against a huge pharmaceutical company could be even more imbalanced. However, I believe that something must be said. I took this concept to a professional at my medical clinic. I told her that I was not seeking any financial gain whatsoever. She agreed that my point was very valid. Being extremely busy, she couldn't suggest too many courses of action. She wondered if I should write to the offending company. My thought was that a minimum wage mail clerk would be the only one to see it before it hit the round file. I left there, wondering if an attorney (one who specializes in medical lawsuits) would have an interest. I determined that if I involved such a law office,  I would not offer my services for free.
I soon arrived at a local law firm. The lady I spoke with informed me that the Utah Bar Association does not allow any  attorney to share wealth with any non-attorney. Even if hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in profits were at stake. I questioned her at great length, eventually walking out without having shared one fragment of my concern with her.
I was back  to my earlier commitment of  hoping to expose this horror with no thought of  personal gain.       (Note) If all else failed, and if I had no other hopes of educating the public, I would have to let an attorney move forward without me. The goal, after all, is to educate, not to line my pockets.
My next step was to call a local t. v. station hoping to give an editorial on air. The man said he would call me back, but it didn't happen.
So, where am I? Let's see. I can contact the following entities: The Utah chapter of the American Diabetes Association; The Deseret News; Get Gephardt; Congressman Jason Chaffetz; and, ultimately a competing company who seems to be doing things right. Who will listen to me?
Perhaps I can somehow spring some meaningful discussion. Or perhaps I will just be a lonely old man, griping and grousing about something that matters to no one.
My next few blogs (blobs) will inform you, dear reader, of the actual problem. I will also report on my progress with my planned contacts.Please stay tuned.

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Jodi Watson said...

You're a bulldog, gramps.