Saturday, January 17, 2015

In December I Facebooked that, as a small child, I had mistaken a song as "let us know, let us know, let us know", when in fact, it was "let it snow, etc". Fast forward to the present. Barbara brought 4 kids to see us on Friday, Jan. 16. Eli, Kaydence, Quintin and Addison. What a fun group of kids! They headed for the basement to explore the place. They were soon playing our seldom-used old electronic organ. We could hear them screeching a song. Babs laughed, saying the song was "Let It Go" from "Frozen. I was astounded, because Julia Warren Kohler had just posted about her kids overdoing that same great song. That song, like my old tune from the 1940s, was about cold weather. I was suddenly struck with a brilliant idea. I went running down the stairs. The kids all went respectfully silent when they saw that I wanted their attention. I breathlessly announced my remarkable discovery to them."Kids", said I, "Let it Go" is a lot like a song from my childhood, named "Let it snow". I have never in my life met with such dumbfounded looks.

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Anonymous said...

Da'Pa! It's so true that the old songs come around again and the little ones just love to sing! They had a blast on that old organ yesterday and didn't want to leave for the fitness fun center!