Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mister ELI!

Hi, again. Hope this fits into blob format. We are off to see MISTER ELI! He is so dang fun. Word on the street has it that Mandy and the kids might be there but she tends a one year old and might not make it this time. It is Eli's fourth birthday. A real top-of -the-mountain birtrhday. But wouldn't it be something to see L, K, and Q!

G'munchka.... I am still trying to learn how to enter blob material and how to comment on people's blogs. I asked Jodi to show me how on Thanksgiving, but now the format has changed to her house and there may not be time to learn it. If I would just get off my keesteroonie I could probably learn it all by myself. I am especially stressed that I can't comment on Amanda,s blog.

We are excited out of our gourds to see all the improvements made to your house since we were there last. It just seems like yesterday or maybe earlier today that we were celebrating your fourth b-day on Pieper Blvd. Wish I remembered the e-zack details. Grandma was probably there. D'Kennet (almost three) would have been buggin' you and stealing your gifts. You were the most perfect little tiny girl on the planet, with your little spindly legs and your two front teeth missing (maybe the teeth stayed around to age five).

But, ya know what, you are still almost that tiny and still every bit that perfect. We have just begun to realize that you really do live a hundred miles away. Urk.

Oh! News flash. Yer Ma thinks she remembers yer 4th b'day. Your party included, among others, Kelly Blackburn, Beth Long, Wendy and Cindy Steele and a girl named Stephanie Something. Stephanie thought that since she had brought a gift that she got to take a gift home with her. Yer ma made sure that she got a nice party favor and an explanation that it doesn't work quite like that.

We are sooooo excited. See you tomorrow . Let me know if Dean needs help with anything......Love, d'Pa


"Q" Tips, "K"razy fun and daily "L"ife said...

Well I am terribly disappointed that I did not get to come see you guys, but I did not want to drag this crummy flu like gunk on up to the cabin in the mountains or to you guys. I also found out today that i was driving on a tire that was showing wire. (Apparently that is not a good thing) I was told not a good idea to go to far, so I had to get it fixed. So sad that I missed you and hoping that soon, someday soon we shall see you again.

Redhoodoos said...

I'm jealous you guys got to see that cute blonde kiddo! JEALOUS.