Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I cannot for the life of me get my comments through the "fog". I tried to comment on Amanda's blog. Hey! That rhymes!. Anyhoo, no, I didn't think too much of the music video. I liked the story of Linnie Luuu and the tooth. My dad always used a pair of rusty pliars on me. Well, they weren't rusty. And he was always careful to keep me smiling. I was proud to have him pull my teeth. The pliars were actually hooked for easy access. Shudder. How well I remember. I don't even try to comment on Barbara's blog. I think her blog is reeeeally difficult to connect my comments with. Maybe the Burton-Hevelone internet connection winds through northern Canada.

Barb, yer mum and I remember the photo of you with the canteen. Yer ma choked up a bit when she saw it. That whole blog was very touching. I think Ideeho actually is somewhere in northern Canada. There is a highway from Vernal to Montpelier. So, maybe it won't be an awful drive. You and Wendy need to stay in close touch...d'Pa


Redhoodoos said...

Gramps - when you talked about using pliers on your teeth - my teeth started to hurt. I've been missin my ma and pa a lot.

Cabin Fever said...

Hey, I wonder if you tied a
string around one of my loose tooths and the other end
around a door knob...
I do remember you loved a
good sliver ! I am still
learning how to comment and
get around the blogging world. Just keep practicing.